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Do children only need a Bag full of Books?

Its time to replace a TV remote with a Cricket bat or ball and introduce a healthy and active lifestyle to children in Pakistan,

Many of us have become so lazy and inactive that we hardly step outside to play sports. Gone are the good old days when youngsters and elders, alike, used to spend their leisure time by playing Cricket, either in playgrounds or the street. Now, things have changed immensely. Whenever people get some time they spend it by watching TV, playing PlayStation, X-BOX, video games, surfing the internet or simply chatting with friends on Facebook! This is also setting a negative example for children – as they do what they see.

Children are becoming inactive

Children have become so lazy that they easily get tired if they have to walk a little. There are only a few schools in Pakistan which have proper playgrounds and sports facilities, rest of them are either located in residential areas with no playgrounds at all. All the emphases of the educators are on teaching subjects like History, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Literature, language, and many others. Sports education is not even any importance at all.

Most of the children suffer shoulder pain and backaches due to sitting continuously for long hours and carrying heavy bags filled with numerous books and notebooks. Sometimes, the children have to hold a few books in their hands as their bags are either too heavy to carry or become short of space. They get so much home work from school that they hardly get any free time, and when they get time they spent it on watching TV, playing TV games or sleeping, This is having adverse effects on their physical as well as psychological health.

Sports for active mind and body

No doubt, education is highly essential for achieving success, but apart from studying different subjects, the children also deserve time and place to play sports.Haris Afridi, a certified cricket coach who has worked with many schools in England is introducing LTAD in Pakistan, to revive sports and also educate people about the importance of playing sports for active mind and body.

Written by Samia Adnan